Is all asphalt sealer the same? Should we go with a lower cost price?

There are many different types and brands of asphalt sealer in which some are more beneficial for the appearance and integrity of the asphalt; this comes at a more expensive price.  At Toledo Sealcoating you are not only paying for quality material but also for the second to none Toledo Sealcoating craftsmanship in which the quality product is applied.  All Toledo Sealcoating products are purchased factory direct from SealMaster Premium asphalt products.

How long should I expect my new sealer and rubber crack repair to last?

Longevity of our products is something Toledo Sealcoating takes seriously.  Toledo Sealcoating’s goal is to make sure our customers receive the longest life out of their projects.  While it is difficult for Toledo Sealcoating to give an exact expiration date due to the fact that wear and tear have many variables such as weather, snowplows, tire traffic, fork lift traffic and other unpredictable actions that may abrase the sealant.  Ask your Toledo Sealcoating estimator to consider your particular variables before determining your estimate.

Can you sealcoat too often?

Yes.  If you apply to much sealer to your asphalt surface it may give your asphalt a very mottled look, which is not only esthetically unattractive but will suffocate your asphalt and leave your asphalt at risk of deterioration.

I’ve heard that sealcoating your asphalt is actually bad for it?

This is common misconception that some people believe is true.  The result of not sealcoating is that your surface will look unattractively gray and will be prone to damage by oil products, UV rays, tire traffic, weather and many other conditions that will take a toll on your unprotected surface.

What area does Toledo Sealcoating and Asphalt Maintenance serve?

Toledo Sealcoating serves a wide area of Ohio, Southeast Michigan and East Indiana.

What does Toledo Sealcoating offer?

Toledo Sealcoating offers a full line of asphalt sealcoating, line striping, asphalt paving/and repairs, parking lot signage, power washing and snow removal.

Isn’t sealcoating and small repairs something I could handle myself?

At Toledo Sealcoating, we commend anyone for attempting a do it yourself asphalt project. However, be aware, before doing it yourself, of several factors.  For example, the products a non-contractor has the availability to purchase are not as high grade as the products that Toledo Sealcoating is able to provide. Toledo Sealcoating has access to top-quality products and Toledo Sealcoating professionals have the knowledge and skill to give expert advice on how to take care of your particular situation.

Does Toledo Sealcoating do full paving installs?

Yes. Toledo Sealcoating offers a full line of asphalt paving. Our service includes new installs, overlays, mill and replace, tar and chip and asphalt millings.  Toledo Sealcoating has the most up-do-date equipment and our experience and professionalism will provide you with a flawless job that is going to look attractive for many years.

Do you provide a free estimate?

Yes. Toledo Sealcoating provides every customer the opportunity to meet with one of our professional and experienced estimators. Toledo Sealcoating estimators are well versed in all of our services.  Toledo Sealcoating estimates are detailed to enable the customer to be aware of exactly what Toledo Sealcoating will provide, what the price will be and our guarantee.

How quickly could you start a job if we choose Toledo Sealcoating?

At Toledo Sealcoating we pride ourselves on a very quick response time to all customers regardless of job size. Toledo Sealcoating professionals take pride in making our customers feel they are at the top of our list regardless of how busy our schedule may be.