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Asphalt surface stress cracks need to be filled and/or sealed to prevent water intrusion from entering asphalt surfaces in Toledo, Ohio. There are hot and cold methods when applying Toledo crack sealants:

Hot Toledo Crack Sealing Process:

  • Specialized Toledo crack sealing hot rubber compounds are used.
  • Product applications are heated to the proper temperature in a melter unit equipped with agitation and a temperature monitoring machine.
  • The heated material is pumped into the cracks.


Cold Toledo Crack Sealing Process:

  • Specialized cold-pour material is typically used for Toledo crack sealing.
  • The cold-pour is then filled into the crack using pour pots or other containers.
  • Cold-pour products need curing by evaporating the moisture in them


For all installations, cracks must be clean and dry for the best results. The Toledo crack sealing process consists of:

  • Cleaning out debris by using compressed air.
  • Cutting the reservoir if needed with a crack saw or router
  • Determining the type of cracking which will establish the type of Toledo crack sealing filling, materials and methods.
  • Installing the hot rubberized hot material or cold-pour fill.

Correctly designed and applied Toledo crack sealing will last between 3 and 5 years or more and will help prolong your asphalt pavement life as crack sealing is essential for long term pavement protection.